Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Week 2 - Recap

Ok. Sorry for the long delay in getting this next post up, but our internet
service has been less than stellar this season. We are scheduled to have
all new and updated equipment, but until then it looks like we will be at
the mercy of this hit and miss system. Sorry.

Anyway, here is what you missed in a nut shell...
Last week we had a roller coaster bout of weather. We saw beautiful
sunny weather for the start of walleye season, but that drastically changed
Saturday night into Monday morning. The winds blew 40+, we had rain, sleet
and even some snow. With the temps hovering around freezing during the day
and well below freezing over night nobody really wanted to be outside. I believe
it was the worst 2 days of weather that I can remember in my 30 summers at
Black Bear. I basically did not sleep for days, because I had to constantly walk
camp and make sure things stayed safe. The boats and docks took a good beating,
we lost a few trees, and my water pipes needed to be constantly flowing or they
would have froze solid. Then, like someone flipped  switch, the weather stopped.
By Tuesday morning, there were people in town walking around in shorts!
That's just how things go sometimes.

The storm did not help the fishing for the few brave boys that were in camp.
Even though the weather stayed nice for the remainder of the week, the guys
worked hard to get their fish. They did manage (like they always do) to boat some
big fish.

This is what camp looked like Monday Morning. I had just cut the
grass in a t-shirt the day before.

The boys dressed to battle the storm.

These 2 pictures were taken 24 hours apart. are some more pics from last week...

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