Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Michigan Boys are done hunting

Corky with his first black bear

The "Michigan Boys" ready to drag their last bear.

Congratulations to Corky for getting his first black bear. He earned every
inch of this bear because he logged a lot of hours on stand before shooting
this one. He also showed great patience early in the week by passing on a few
bears he easily could have shot. He was also lucky enough to witness just how
curious younger bears can be. He had a small bear come up and visit him right
at the base of his stand (which was only 10 ft high). The bear spent some time 
under his stand playing with the strap which was hanging down. Corky had to 
eventually cut the strap short so the bear would move away. But with his curiosity 
not satisfied, the bear proceeded to climb up Corky's tree. Corky had to 'shoo'
away the bear before it ended up in his lap.

Thanks to the entire Michigan crew, you all did a great job on your first bear hunt!
We look forward to seeing you boys up here again soon. Maybe next time you will 
get a shot at one of those 400+ lb bears. 

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