Monday, July 28, 2014

More bears!!

Prep for hunting season is in full swing. Sites are being baited and the cameras are rolling. 
I plan on adding more and more trail cam pics as they come in. So far things are pretty normal.
The berries are out and the bears are quite active. I have seen quite a good number of  quality 
bears already and I have not even opened all sites yet. 

Big boy posing for the camera. Every hunter coming this year
should be drooling over this trophy.

Notice the size difference between this guy and myself!!

My maximum reach is 7ft high. Look where the bear's nose is. 

Think a 350 lb + bear can't climb a tree? WRONG!!

Browny is back at another nearby site!!

I put this little guy on here to show the hunters the difference
between a shooter and a photo opp. Nice hide though.

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